Help me to become a Master of Music by supporting my final exam: the concert Love bade me welcome.

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Sunday, December 8, 2019 is the day! Then I will conduct my graduation concert for my studies choral conducting, Master of Music, at the Utrecht Conservatory. In collaboration with the Valborg Ensemble, the female choir Bij Janneke, many guest singers, soloists, narrator and an instrumental ensemble, we will perform beautiful music. In addition to works by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Paul Mealor and Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, a special work will be performed. Not because of the fact that I wrote it myself (my second subject is composition), but because of the objective that lies within the composition. I have made a composition for choir, narrator and audience. The composition has two different musical layers that weave through each other. A layer for the audience that is taught in a few minutes, and a layer for the choir that is musically more complex. The aim is to create a deepened experience for all people present in a concert where everyone can let their voice be heard!

The costs

It is not allowed to sell tickets for the concert, my final exam. The fees and travels costs of the instrumentalists, soloists and narrator; the PR, the program booklet, sheet music rental and rehearsal space together cost more than 9000 euros. About half is already covered. We still need 4500 euros.

I hope to have caught your interest in supporting the last part of my master studies to become a conductor.

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