Classical and 20th century art song


Janneke enjoys performing classical and 20th century art songs with piano harpsichord or orchestra on occasion.  Her repertoire includes several Finnish composers including Jean Sibelius, Toivo Kuula, Einojuhani Rautavaara, Leevi Madetoja, Anja Riska, Yrjö Kilpinen and Oskar Merikanto.



Janneke also admires and enjoys singing works by Edvard Grieg, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Franz Schubert, Eric Satie, Raimund Schwedeler and songs by Mark Lockett composed especially for her. One of Janneke’s most favorite cycles is Vier ernste Gesänge by Johannes Brahms.


Duo Janneke Moes & Mercedes Krapovickas, Argentine Tango

Janneke Moes (voice), Mercedes Krapovickas (bandoneon)

The duo Janneke Moes & Mercedes Krapovickas was formed in 2009 in Helsinki for the purpose of creating and playing their own arrangements of classical tangos as well as completely new compositions. The combination between the intense and lyrical voice of Janneke with the more "arrabalero" style of the bandoneon is reminiscent of the tango style of the late 30's.



Janneke Moes is a talented singer from the Netherlands. She has been performing Argentine tango in Finland with deep respect and admiration for the genre. Mercedes Krapovickas is a bandoneonist and composer from Buenos Aires. She has played in various orchestras, performing different tango styles, and now enjoys exploring the bandoneon as a solo instrument.


More about Mercedes:


Linea 9, Argentine Tango

Our approach to tango is warm and passionate. We make our own arrangements of old classical pieces, respecting the traditional masters, while simultaneously adding fresh and personal colors of our own. The combination of double bass and bandoneon, though not commonly known in Finland, is widely used among Argentine tango musicians. The combination creates the atmosphere of chamber music, while preserving its popular background.  We make tango a language of our own, through which we express musical ideas with freedom and passion.

Linea 9’s three members bring different musical backgrounds and a variety of musical influences including tango, folk, jazz, pop and classical music. Janneke’s beautifully refined voice creates contrast with the instruments. Her bright, yet deep timbre, and sustained lines create an interesting contrast with the more dark and rhythmical accompaniment.


Janneke Moes (voice), 

Mercedes Krapovickas (bandoneon), 

Manuel Krapovickas (double bass).


Guest musician: Jukka-Pekka Lilja, guitar and voice.

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