Everyone has an own unique voice which can be unfolded, freed and developed. The School of Uncovering the Voice, Die Schule der Stimmenthüllung, is a schooling that offers great possibilities in working with the voice, as well as with other aspects of one’s being.


Janneke offers private lessons, group singing courses, and directs weekly choir rehearsals.  Take a look to see which option might be best for you, or contact Janneke to find out more.



Private lessons  

Private lessons provide the opportunity for intensive one-on-one study.  In private lessons we will work intensively with singing exercises from the School of Uncovering the Voice, and study solo songs if desired.  If you sing in a choir, and want to practice your part, this can also be included.


From the age of 21 years on:

  • Single lesson of 45 min is €40

  • Series of 10 lessons of 45 min is €375 (1 year valid)

Until the age of 21 years:

  • Single lessons of 30 min is €25

  • Series of 10 lessons of 30 min is €250 (1 year valid)

For more information contact: janneke.moes@xs4all.nl