Singing is dancing with the voice.

The essence behind a voice is perceived through listening.


Listening and silence give both deepening and enrichment to the singing and to the whole of life.

The greater the inner silence, the stronger the ability to listen.


Degrees and courses

2019: Master of Music, choir conducting, at

          the Utrecht Conservatory, with

          Rob Vermeulen.

2016: Applicatieopleiding koordirectie voor

          vakmusici at the Utrecht Conservatory,

          a conducting course of a year for

          professional musicians.

2014: Kurt Thomas Cursus, Utrecht, NL

          a choral conducting course

2009: 3 year singing studies in Helsinki,

          Finland, at Snellman-Korkeakoulu,

          with Christiaan Boele.

2005: Bachelor of Music, Singing, at

          Hogeschool Helicon/Vrije Muziek

          Academie with Mariola Niedzielska and

          Christiaan Boele.

Experience as a choral conductor

2019-present: principal conductor of the chamber choir MusiCanta in Zeist.

2018-present: principal conductor of the Widar Choir in Zeist.

2017-present: principal conductor of the female choir Amata in Zeist.

2013-2017:  principal conductor of the Projectkoor in Almen.

2016-2017:  principal conductor of the Werbeck Choir in Groningen.

2011-2015: singing teacher and choral conductor at the singing school of Snellman- Korkeakoulu.

2009-2016: principal conductor of the chamber choir Aava (Helsinki).

Singer and singing teacher

In the Netherlands and Finland, Janneke works as a performing artist, teacher and choral director.

Janneke’s solo repertoire ranges from classical and 20th century art songs to the passionate songs of Argentine Tango.

Composer and arranger

During her Masters studies Janneke followed composition lessons from Caroline Ansink and several courses on arranging. Janneke has grown passion for composing and arranging and  made arrangements for choir of many songs and several compositions.

And much more experience

​Janneke also studied singing with other great teachers such as Jürgen Schriefer, Christa Waltjen and Sinikka Mikkola.

Janneke has studied intensively with the Schule der Stimmenthüllung, also known as Werbeck, since the year 2000. This vocal method, founded by the Swedish opera singer Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström (1879-1972), aims to free the voice of blockages so that it can sound effortless, free and natural in the space. A clear and harmonious quality of sound is often the result of working with this technique.


Janneke sang in Soinninkajo Vocal Ensemble for over six years ('02-'08). With this group she gave about 200 concerts, including tours through Scandinavia, Middle-Europe and California.